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With access to space increasing by the day, we believe that it is time to get more involved! We are interviewing those who are working on getting us closer to a life on Mars. By having conversations we hope to humanize the journey to the Red Planet.


A Crew of Future Martians

In the Summer of 2020, the Mars Society of Philadelphia reformed as a chapter of the Mars Society. Since then, we have had regular meetings to help foster discussion and planning for the human journey into space. By connecting the people in our region under this goal we will be able to take a piece of home with us.

To help bring more people into the community, we have begun MSPTV, a video show where we can bring on special guests for longer interviews and discussion about their views on our future home.

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The Mars Society of Philadelphia meets weekly on Thursday’s at 7pm. Join the conversation via Zoom, or follow along on the livestream via Twitch and YouTube.

Past Shows

Doug Plata

The InstaBase

Doug Plata, the founder and President of the Space Development Network joined the Mars Society to discuss his designs for a multi planet base for early space settlement. He also shares pictures of the prototype base currently being built.

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